Empower Legal Group is a Connecticut law firm focused exclusively on representing employees in employment law, wrongful termination and related legal matters. We help make people stronger and more confident when exercising their legal rights in the workplace, including helping them to navigate their transition from one employer to the next.

Meet Attorney Irene Bassock

Prior to founding Empower Legal Group, Irene Bassock spent over two decades on the “other side” of employment law, representing employers. With that inside knowledge of how companies think, Irene offers unique perspectives to professionals who need legal help with difficult situations at work or who are transitioning from one employer to the next. She loves facing novel issues in the employment arena and crafting workable solutions for our clients.

Irene is a 1995 graduate of Boston University School of Law and is admitted to the bar in Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has deep connections with other professionals who can assist employees in transition, including career counselors, recruiters, coaches and other resources. We don’t just handle your legal matter; we’re focused on helping you navigate every aspect of your career transition.

Our Mission

To empower is to make someone stronger and more confident in controlling, claiming and exercising their rights. We are dedicated to accomplishing this mission by:

  • Helping employees navigate and control their transition from one employer to the next;
  • Helping employees navigate legal hurdles in the workplace;
  • Helping employees exercise their rights in the workplace; and
  • Making women stronger and more confident in exercising their right to workplace equality.

Our Core Values

  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • We are honest with ourselves and others
  • Excellence is our standard
  • We constantly improve
  • We show compassion
  • We strive to create more joy in the lives of ourselves and others
  • We own our mistakes and always make things right
  • We understand the importance of giving and receiving appreciation


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