My employer says I’m an “at-will” employee. What does that mean?

At-will means either the employer or the employee is free to terminate an employment relationship at any time, without cause. However, your employer is not allowed to fire you in retaliation for exercising your rights, or because of your protected class.

What is a protected class or category?

A protected class is a group of people who qualify for special protections. Employers cannot treat employees differently because of their

  • Age;
  • Race;
  • National Origin;
  • Religious Beliefs;
  • Gender;
  • Disability;
  • Pregnancy; and
  • Veteran Status.

In some states (including Connecticut), Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation are also protected classes.

So, if a boss dislikes someone for his or her personality and treats the person in an unfair manner as a result, this may not be enough evidence for a discrimination claim. Instead, the employee’s protected status must be the reason for the unfair treatment.

I don’t want my employer to know I’m talking to an attorney. Is our consultation confidential?

Absolutely. We maintain strict confidentiality and offer flexible hours and modes of communication to work around your schedule.

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