If you need an employment attorney, you’ve come to the right place

Work spans every aspect of our lives, and that includes the law. Empower Legal Group is dedicated to providing high-quality representation to employees who are transitioning to a new job or having difficulties at their current job. We handle a broad range of employment law matters, and we’re always focused on making our clients stronger and more confident when exercising their rights in the workplace.

Contracts & Severance

From general employment agreements, to non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements, to severance benefits, contracts can have a significant impact on your career. We review all types of employment agreements and advise our clients on their overall legal options. Our contract services include contract review (“know what you’re signing”), enforceability evaluation, negotiation, and when necessary, litigation.

Wrongful Termination

Were you dismissed from your job for a protected reason? Most employees in Connecticut are employed at-will, but that doesn’t mean your employer is allowed to fire you because of a protected category or in retaliation for exercising your rights. We’ll fight for a resolution that works for you, whether that means reinstatement or severance, and represent you in negotiations, arbitration, and if necessary, litigation.


Employers have plenty of latitude to make decisions that seem unfair, arbitrary or even bizarre, but they don’t have the right to discriminate because you are in a protected category. If you’ve been treated differently or subjected to adverse employment action because of your race, national origin, religion, age, or any other protected category, we’ll fight to put a stop to the discrimination and reach a resolution.


You have the right to a safe work environment, and if your employer doesn’t respect that right, you have legal recourse. We are proud to represent victims of sexual harassment and hostile work environments. We’ll intervene to stop the harassment as quickly as possible and then negotiate a long-term resolution for you, whether that means making significant changes at your current job or transitioning to a new job.


Were you fired, demoted, transferred or otherwise faced with adverse employment action because you exercised your legal rights? That’s illegal, and we can help. We represent employees who faced retaliation after filing complaints in good faith, taking medical leave, requesting workers’ compensation or otherwise exercising their rights, both in negotiations and, if necessary, litigation.

Medical Leaves and Accommodations

Do you know your rights to take medical leave? The federal and state Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) covers most employees, and you may be entitled to other medical leaves as well. Whether you need an accommodation to perform your job or you’re preparing to request medical leave, pushing back on a denied request, or dealing with retaliation for exercising your right to medical leave, contact us to advocate for you.