Do you need someone who can explain your contract and negotiate with your employer?

Signing contracts is a fact of life for many employees in the 21st century, but that doesn’t mean it should become a matter of routine. You should be aware of your rights both when you’re signing a contract and when it comes time to enforce it. Don’t go it alone; get an experienced employment contract lawyer on your side to make sure your rights are respected and your interests are protected.

Contract review, or “know what you’re signing”

We’ve seen firsthand what can happen when employees sign contracts and severance agreements without fully understanding what’s in them. This can lead to significant professional, interpersonal, and financial consequences down the road if your relationship with your employer ever sours or you need to move on to a new job.

When you’re first starting a job, it can be tempting to just go along with whatever your new employer wants to do in order to protect the opportunity in front of you. The truth is that it’s better to negotiate any contractual matters up front. First, this may be the time when you as the employee have the most leverage (since the employer wants you to join their team!); second and more importantly, it starts the entire employment relationship on a foundation of integrity and transparency.

That’s why we encourage you to have us review your employment agreement, non-compete, commission agreement, compensation plan, and other documents before you sign. We can alert you to any “red flags,” answer your questions, and suggest areas for negotiation.

Enforceability evaluation

It’s not uncommon for employers to have employees sign contracts that are not legally enforceable. Perhaps they don’t know the law, or perhaps they know it won’t hold up in court but hope the employee won’t actually stand up for their rights. That doesn’t mean you can just ignore agreements such as non-competes—most of them are, in fact, enforceable—but it does mean you should seek legal counsel.

If you’ve already signed a contract and have questions about enforceability, we can review it and give us our best opinion on how well it holds up. We can also explain any ambiguous provisions, suggest strategies for either enforcing or getting out of the contract, and give you honest, clear answers about your legal options. It’s important to remember that your contracts, as important as they are, are only one piece of the puzzle, and there may be other circumstances surrounding your employment dispute that can help us reach a resolution in your favor.

Severance agreements

When you’re being let go from your job, understanding your rights and advocating for your needs can be difficult. Our mission is to help employees in transition, and an important part of that mission is handling severance agreements and severance pay.

As with any other contract, we offer a “know what you’re signing” review of any severance agreement. We can point out any red flags, clarify any confusing passages and suggest areas for further negotiation. We can also negotiate with your employer on your behalf to reach an agreement that serves your interests.

Too many employees look at severance as a one-sided thing, but it doesn’t have to be. A severance agreement should serve your interests, not just your employer’s. Our job is to make sure that happens.

An attorney you can trust for employment contracts

Before you enter any type of contract, it’s important to know what you’re signing—and know your legal rights. Get an experienced employment contract attorney on your side, advocating for your best interests. Contact Empower Legal Group right away.

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