Rates & Fees

We’re not in the business of sales; we’re in the business of providing clarity, confidence, and ultimately positive resolutions for our clients. To that end, we publish our fees up front and are completely transparent about the costs associated with representation. We want you to understand and be fully comfortable with the financial implications before we move forward with representation.

Contingency Fees

After evaluating your case, we may decide to represent you on a contingency basis. If this is an arrangement that applies to you, then we may ask you to pay a retainer, which we would credit against any recovery or award that we negotiate or recover for you. Our contingency percentage is usually 33%.  If we don’t recover anything for you, then you owe us nothing more.

Note that the contingency fee arrangement only includes fees charged by the attorney, not expenses charged by third parties in the process of pursuing your case. You may still be responsible for expenses such as filing fees, stenographer’s fees, and subpoena service costs.

Hourly Fees

Depending on the complexity and time commitment, we charge $400-500 per hour.  For these types of arrangements, we will ask that you fund and maintain a trust account, also called a retainer.  We will use those funds to pay attorney fees on a monthly basis and ask that you replenish that account once the balance falls below the agreed upon monthly amount that we agree upon at the beginning of our engagement with you.

Charging an hourly fee ensures that we can put in the time needed to handle your matter to the best of our ability and work towards the best possible resolution for you. Our hourly fee agreement sets clear pricing and expectations up front; again, transparency is our priority.

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