We review all types of employment agreements for employees, such as those for separations (severance) and those restricting certain activities (non-competes, non-solicits, non-disclosures).  Often, employees think that these agreements are non-negotiable.  That’s simply not the case.  Irene will educate you on provisions that could have long-term consequences and will assist you in evaluating whether it is in your best interests to agree to those terms or whether to pursue different terms with your employer that are more favorable to you.

Workplace Negotiations

Often employees need help positioning themselves in the workplace so that they are treated fairly. With Irene’s extensive experience working on the inside, she can help you navigate the twists and turns of corporate politics and complicated internal systems.

Wrongful Termination

Even if you’re an at-will employee, your employer can’t fire you because of your protected class, for blowing the whistle on misconduct or in retaliation for exercising your rights in good faith. If you’ve been fired for an illegal reason, we’ll fight for the compensation and resolution you deserve. 


Treating employees unfairly because of gender, race, age or any other protected category is illegal. If you’ve been a victim of discrimination in the workplace, we’ll help you find your voice.


No one should have to go to work every day in a hostile work environment. The law takes a dim view of employers that perpetrate or enable harassment, and we’ll help you to protect your legal rights from start to finish. 


Were you retaliated against for reporting illegal activities, filing for workers’ compensation, or making a complaint about harassment or discrimination in good faith? That’s against the law, and we’ll hold your employer accountable.

Medical and Caregiver Leaves

You may have certain rights to take time off work to care for your own or a family member’s illness. Empower Legal Group will guide you through this challenging and confusing process and ensure that your rights are protected.